Pastor Chris Reveals the Solemnity of Jesus’ True Sacrifice in Spiritual Death

“[Jesus] could not have died until He died spiritually first,” Pastor says at LoveWorld Crusade Grounds, Benin.

In the featured video excerpt from last night’s session of the Higher Life Conference Benin with the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor laid emphasis on the greatness of the man, Jesus. “Think about the miracles He did, the words He spoke, the sincerity of His heart, the love with which He dealt with every man,” Pastor Chris said to thousands present at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds.

One of several special ministrations during the service last night.

Going even further, the man of God revealed to the mammoth crowd that the suffering of the Messiah on the cross was not the major price that was paid for our sins to be washed away. “There have been other human beings that suffered more than He suffered on the cross,” Pastor said, going on to unveil that, “when the Bible talks about the death of Jesus, its not dealing primarily with His physical death, because the man [Jesus] could not have died until He died spiritually first!”

Pastor Chris shares the Word of God with power.

Catch the full revelation in the video excerpt above. Remember to like, share and post your comments below. Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exciting teaching excerpts and highlights from the Higher Life Conference Benin 2017.


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