“You Were Not Redeemed; You Were Recreated!” — Pastor Chris at HLC Benin

Pastor Chris at Higher Life
Pastor distinguishes between redemptive work of Christ for Jews and new creation life of the Christian.

Reading Romans 4:25 at the second session of the Higher Life Conference in Benin City, Nigeria, Pastor Chris made an important distinction between redemption and recreation, the former for the Jews and the latter for the Christian.

Cross-section of attendees at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds on Day II.

Christianity does not begin at the cross. Christianity does not begin at the grave. Christianity starts at the resurrection,” the man of God said, shining light on the truth that the Christian does not require a redemption, being a brand new person. “When you become a Christian, you receive a new life, the resurrection life,” he says in the featured video.

Music minister, Rozey, sings an inspiring rendition.

The implications of this divine truth are far-reaching, paralyzing the monotony of religion and empowering every believer in Christ with the power of a resurrected life. Best said by Pastor Chris, “if you will believe the life that Jesus has given you, you will discover that the eternal life, [which] is in your spirit, has supplanted the life with which you were born of your father and mother!”

What a refreshing insight into God’s eternal plan for mankind! Watch the featured video, and remember to like, share and post comments below. Stay tuned for even more video excerpts and highlights from the Higher Life Conference Benin, exclusively on LoveWorld News.


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