“No Christian that is Filled with the Spirit Ever Grumbles!” — Pastor Chris

Get grumbling and disputing out of your life and begin walking in joy, filled with the Spirit.

For everyone that attended the Higher Life Conference UK 2017 in the United Kingdom, a deep and real consciousness of the Holy Spirit and his divine ministry has come to stay and yield an even more glorious life. In the featured excerpt, Pastor Chris explains why every Christian must be filled with the Spirit at all times.

No Christian that’s filled with the Holy Ghost ever grumbles,” the man of God said to the delighted congregation. He followed up by saying “when you are filled with the Spirit, no grumbling, no disputing!” Pastor Chris described being filled with the Spirit like running a fully-fueled car, contrasting against the Christian that is not filled with the Spirit who lacks fuel for his life.

Watch and be inspired by the video above, and remember to like, share and post comments below. Episodes from the Higher Life Conference UK to come on the Pastor Chris Online website.


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