Spectacular Arrival and Entry of the BLW President as LMAM All-Stars Salute

Music ministers give Pastor Chris a welcome fit for a king that brings others into royalty.

The BLW President’s arrival at each night event of the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts has been met with pomp and pageantry — a welcome worthy of the influence and impact made through his life, crossing barriers of race, nationality, ethnicity and more, unifying many nations under the Most High God.

The President welcomed by saluting music ministers on both sides.

There’s something special for everybody,” the man of God said, declaring that tonight’s event will result in an outpouring of special blessings. It has been an extraordinary grande finale, exceeding prior days in glory and inspiring greater aspirations in everyone present. In the coming days, delegates will return to their nations with exciting tales and new visions implemented by the power of God’s Spirit.

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