Dive into Special Moments from the Second Day at #LFMA2017

LoveWorld News brings you an exclusive view of the second day at the evening stage.

Pictures do say a thousand words, but even images and short clips are not enough to communicate the totality of the experience at the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts 2017, every second translating thousands present into a new realm of possibilities.

The divinely spectacular #LFMA2017, sufficient to inspire creativity in every heart.

The featured clip attempts to capture some of the special moments from the second day at the #LFMA2017; from the stage to the arena, the artistes to the people, the hosts and comperes, there’s no shortage of inspiration. No single day at the global festival has been like another, communicating a freshness that could only be by God’s Spirit.

Section of the crowd enjoying every bit of the program.

Let the video above communicate some of the manifest presence of God and inspirations of the Spirit to you (again) as you watch. Remember to stay tuned to LoveWorld News and follow our KingsChat SuperUser account for exclusive photos from the ongoing festival.


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