Ada, UR Flames and More Bring Down the House at #LFMA2017 Grand Finale

Excerpts from Ada and UR Flames’ sensational performances and more at #LFMA2017.

The LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts came to an unprecedented climax, proving indeed that “better is the end of a thing than its beginning.” Every attendee at the Nasrec Expo Center left the 4-day event singing or humming “I don’t want this to end,” the hook to a special song by Ur Flames that got the crowd emotionally charged about the festival’s conclusion.

Israel Strong performs stirring new single.

The featured video clip captures some of the extraordinary performances witnessed last night, beginning with a powerful choreography by South Korean delegates to Sinach’s globally acknowledged ‘Waymaker’ track. We’ve also prepared a special peek into Israel Strong’s on-stage delivery of his new hit single.

South Korean delegates choreograph ‘Waymaker’.

Apart from the nostalgically charged track by UR Flames, a major highlight of the night’s ministrations was a worldclass, dike-raising, presentation of fresh music by the Gospel pop phenom, Ada. Words are not enough to express the impact and power of last night’s outdoor concert; you’ve got to see snippets for yourself in the featured video.

Rap ministration by Recky D.

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