Manifestations of Power and Love as Pastor Chris Ministers at Healing Service

All forms of oppression are gone forever as Pastor Chris heals the sick, casts out devils.

Shouts of joy erupted from the crowd as the man of God, Pastor Chris, entered the auditorium. This is the time they have been waiting for; this is the hour of visitation!

The man of God ministers in the power of the Spirit to students.

Ministering with the power of the Spirit, the man of God cast out devils, healing the sick of their infirmities in the name of Jesus! Sickness, disease and all forms of oppression are gone forever, and the people will never be the same again. All in attendance are in awe of God’s amazing grace, and they glorify the name of the Lord more than ever as they watch the Word come alive.

Joyous celebration of the miracles throughout the auditorium.

Those who had come in to the service sick and in pain have been completely changed and they marvel at the wonderful transformation that has happened in their lives. One by one, the students rush to the centre of hall, demonstrating their healing, rejoicing and lifting their hands in thanksgiving to God.


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