Teenagers Take Responsibility for the Poor through InnerCity Mission Food Drive

Lagos Zone 1 teens identify with the vision of the InnerCity Mission, raising food for the poor.

Age means nothing when it comes to changing the world. Teens of Christ Embassy LCC2, Lagos Zone 1, proved this as they came to church with excitement, bringing in various food items for their first InnerCity Mission Food Drive.

Teens work to stock the Food Bank with donated materials.

I am so grateful to our man of God, Pastor Chris. I always thought that projects like these were meant for the adults, but we as teenagers did it,” said Stephen Fisher, a cell leader in the Teens Church. A member of the Teens Choir, Sharon Ike, said concerning the drive, “I made up my mind to reach out to the poor and hungry after I found out that 3 million children go to bed hungry everyday, and every 3 seconds a child under 5 years old dies. I am now conscious of how blessed I am; it makes me think about others and how to be a blessing to them, instead of thinking about myself and my needs.”

The teenagers make an official presentation of their contributions.

Throughout the month of February, the teenagers, through a focused program of praying, planning, saving and giving, organized for fruits, food items and toiletries to be deposited at the Food Bank of the InnerCity Mission. What a joy to see young people identify with this unique vision and passion of the man of God, Pastor Chris.

Teens with staff of the InnerCity Mission and partners.

To sign up as a food sponsor, follow this link (https://goo.gl/281B3l). Follow the InnerCity Mission SuperUser account on KingsChat for updates on the impact of your sponsorship and more.


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