Pastor Chris Explains Our Legal Authority to Use the Name of Jesus

Pastor Chris Teachings
The BLW President exhorts congregation on a special gift to every believer — the name of Jesus!

Still on the spirit-rousing subject of ‘the Seven Gifts of God in Christ Jesus‘, the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, advanced to the sixth point in this important list — the name of Jesus.

Jesus has the power everywhere…over nations, governments and every name,” Pastor Chris charged the congregation, encouraging them to use the name of the Lord as a legal instrument that’s more than a suffix at the end of a prayer. While illuminating the eyes of their understanding, Pastor taught the congregation that the Christian has not been called to pray through Jesus; “[Jesus] is not a medium for the Christian,” he said!

To pray in the name of Jesus means you’re praying in His place…and He can’t be turned down;” with these words, Pastor Chris sealed the understanding in everyone present, that praying in the name of Jesus is license to make demands or requests as though the Lord Himself made them.


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