Pastor Chris Answers “Can the Dead Send Messages to the Living?”

Pastor talks on ghosts, how they contact the living and what to do with their signs or messages.

It depends on where they are,” Pastor Chris said as he began to answer the question, “can dead people send a sign or message to the living?” The man of God illumined that the dead are not in cemeteries or where their physical bodies are; they are with God in Heaven, with Satan in hell or roaming disembodied till they are taken to a final abode.

The BLW President, while answering this important question during the March 2017 Global Communion Service, dissuaded members of the global congregation from attempting to contact the dead, saying  “God warned the children of Israel to not make efforts to contact the dead.”

In the featured excerpt from the Q&A segment with Pastor Chris, he discusses a unique manifestation of the Spirit that could cause a believer to receive a message from the dead and how to handle such messages by measuring them up against the written word.

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