Demonstrating Christ’s Love — #1 of ‘7 Factors for Spiritual Advancement’

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
“Love never makes you naive [or] weak.” — Pastor Chris

Beginning at Philippians 1:9, the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, unveiled to the congregation at Sunday Service, ‘7 Factors for Spiritual Advancement‘. The brethren listened intently, with expectation, inspired by Pastor’s exhortation on the importance of making spiritual advancement.

The first point in charting your course toward spiritual progress, as communicated in the featured excerpt, is demonstrating Christ’s love copiously in knowledge and discernment. “Preaching the Gospel is not just when you talk to a sinner; you preach the Gospel with your life everyday,” Pastor Chris said to thousands present as he admonished them to train their minds with God’s Word to walk in love.

Decide today, as you watch the video above, to demonstrate Christ’s love in large measures and abundantly. Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more inspiring excerpts from services with Pastor Chris.


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