800 Teenagers Furnished with Leadership Skills and Inspiration to Win


The Teens Ministry in Southern Africa Zone 5 held her Teen Leaders’ Flourishing Conference and Awards in Belvedere, Harare, drawing over 800 teenagers from all over the city.

Cross-section of teenagers participating in the program.

The conference and awards was an idea conceived by the host, Pastor Tinofara Mtuwa, the Pastor of the Teens Church in Zimbabwe, with a purpose to furnish the teens with leadership skills and impetus to carry out the work of the ministry. Another aim of the program was to inspire lofty dreams and aspirations in the youths through the accolades bestowed on high-flying achievers, both in ministry and in academics.

Pastor Tinofara presents a teenager with an award.

This combination aptly demonstrated that success in ministry is inextricably linked to success in other endeavors, denoting that all-round success is possible. Other activities such as dance and poetry kept the the young congregants excited, and by the time the curtain came down on the event, a renewal of mindsets and the birth of grandiose dreams had taken place in the teenagers.


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